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Lesson 2: In this session of the Empowerment: Women & Men GrowthTrack, you will explore the challenging power dynamics that often exist between men and women.

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In this clip, Amy Christie, Associate Pastor of Worship Arts at Grace Church in Noblesville Indiana, describes the imbalance of power between men and women that existed in biblical times. Watch this clip and reflect on the questions below.

Breaking the Silence

By Amy Christie


1. Based on Amy Christie’s message, what did you learn about the abuse of women, power dynamics and the history of male/female power dynamics in the Bible?

2. How are power dynamics between men and women the same now as in biblical times? How are they different?

3. Amy Christie said that wherever there is an imbalance of power, there will be abuse of power. How have you seen an imbalance of power, specifically between men and women, operate in your context?

4. What specific actions could you do in the next week to make sure all people in your context – women and men – are respected, seen and heard?


Danielle Strickland Quote: Great leaders use power to empower other people.


Meet with a trusted friend, co-worker or spouse to get honest feedback on how you are perceived when it comes to male/female relationships. This can be difficult (or affirming!) and it is worth it. The research proves that we all have blind spots when it comes to our experiences with women and men. Self-awareness is one of keys to moving forward. Discuss the following questions:

1. How do you experience my behavior when it comes to male/ female dynamics?

2. What is one thing I do well?

3. What is one thing could I improve?

  1. Melissa Vergiels
    Nov 8 2018 12AM
    I have played both sides in the past, the damsel in distress, as well as the independent boss lady. It’s a shame that life experience has taught me that there’s multiple ways to get things accomplished and unfortunately in the past I must admit that I have manipulated accordingly. New life has brought on new integrity, thank God!
    • Christy Laurenzo
      Dec 5 2018 7PM
      Thanks for sharing that Melissa. I have definitely done both too, so I’m sure you’re not alone. Thank God He is leading us in new and healthy ways.

      I work at my church and right now my action items are:
      Recommend this training for all leaders
      Recommend women for leadership in all areas
      Request teaching and messaging on these issues from pulpit
      Recommend more women in pulpit
      Teach principles of equality on the teams I lead. I would love to know what anyone else’s are?

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