Danielle StricklandEmpowerment: Women & Men

Lesson 4: In this GrowthTrack session, you will learn how to use your power to empower others.

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This session will focus on Danielle Strickland’s insights into empowering others. Watch the video below. Then go through the refection questions.

Practical Ways You Can Empower Others

Danielle Strickland describes two practices you can use to empower the people around you.


1. Danielle said “Great leaders use their power to empower others.” Most people don’t often think about their own power, but we all have it. And power dynamics are often at the core of our personal interactions. How do you think other people might perceive your power in your context?

2. In what specific ways does your power influence your interactions?

3. Danielle identified two ways she been empowered in her leadership: (1) Her leader asked for her opinion and (2) her leader gave her authority and resources to make her vision happen. In your context, identify a specific situation where you could use your power to empower others.


Identify three people who lead at a lower level of power in your context. Be sure to identify both women and men. Identify one way you can encourage/mentor/empower each one this week.




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