Danielle StricklandEmpowerment: Women & Men


Take the assessment below and reflect on what you have learned in this course.

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Take the Assessment


Take the assessment below and reflect on what you have learned in this course. Compare your responses to the ones you answered on Lesson 1 and note the specific ways you have grown.

Where have you seen improvement? Make a note in your journal of how you can continue to apply your learnings.
What have you learned about yourself as a leader? Reflect in your journal about the ways you saw God work in you over the past month.



1 – Always True of Me
2 – Most Times True of Me
3 – Sometimes True of Me
4 – Rarely True of Me
5 – Never True of Me


Assessment Questions:

1. I am acutely aware of male/ female power dynamics in my context.

2. When I see a situation that creates an imbalance of power between women and men in my context, I say something.

3. I have a strong awareness of the challenges that human sexuality brings to relationships between men and women in my context.

4. When I believe a work, ministry or other relationship is becoming sexually charged, I say something.

5. I am self-aware about the power that I possess in my leadership and how that affects others.

6. I have people in my life who are allowed to challenge my behavior.

7. In my leadership interactions, I never belittle people by cutting them off or dismissing their ideas.

8. When I experience misuse of power in my context, I say something.

9. In the past year, I have offered stretch assignments to both women and men.

10. In the past year, I have offered jobs and/or promotions to both women and men.

  1. Geraldine Simmons
    Oct 26 2018 12AM
    I have discovered some valuable information through involving others in some of the questions that have been asked during the lessons.

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