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Lesson 4: In this GrowthTrack session, you will learn how becoming aware of key customer data points allows you to create superior hospitality experiences.

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This session will focus on the way Danny Meyer uses customer information to create hospitality situations that surprise and delight guests. In the clip below, Danny talks about how he gathers information and acts on it in ways that make guests feel special.

Watch the video below. Then go through the reflection questions.


Connect the Dots to Create Exceptional Hospitality Experiences

Danny Meyer’s describes how his team intentionally collects customer data that allows them to create exceptional hospitality experiences.


For each of the following questions, write down your reflections in your journal.

1. Think about your hospitality context. Do you gather information about the people you are serving?

A. How is the information gathered?
B. Where is the information stored?
C. Who is responsible to read and know the information?

2. How does the information you have on your guests inform how you serve them?

3. Identify three ways you could improve in using information about your guests to better serve them.


4. On a regular basis, Danny uses specific customer information to create specific experiences for a guest to “surprise and delight” them. How might you be able to create a specific experience for a guest this week?

5. Commit to creating a specific experience to surprise and delight one guest this week.


Gather the team of people responsible for hospitality in your context. Help them think through the ways you are delivering hospitality for your guests.


1. What feedback did you receive from your guest(s) in Week 2?
2. Describe the difference between a service mindset and a hospitality mindset. What implication does this have in your hospitality context?
3. Describe the difference between a gatekeeper and an agent. What implication does this have in your hospitality context?
4. How do you gather customer information for your hospitality context? How can you better use that information to surprise and delight guests?

Next Step:

If they haven’t already, it would be valuable for your whole team go through this GrowthTrack together.

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