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Lesson 1: Danielle Strickland—Correcting a Misperception of God

In this GrowthTrack, you’ll learn from four different people who share their encounters with God.

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Danielle Strickland shares about her encounter with God and how He captured her heart.


Danielle Strickland—Correcting a Misperception of God

Danielle shares how she originally thought God was angry and disappointed with her.


God is FOR you and not against you.

—Danielle Strickland


In your journal, write down your thoughts and feelings about the questions below.


1. Which part(s) of Danielle’s story were you most drawn to? Why do you think that is?

2. She talked about thinking and believing that God was angry and disappointed with her and that she could never measure up to “religious standards.” Can you relate to that?

3. Take a moment and reflect on what you think and believe about God. If you met Him, what do you think that encounter would be like?


If you want to take a next step—and this might seem odd—think about what you love to do.

It might be golfing, cooking, jogging, listening to music, being in nature, reading a book, watching a movie, drawing a picture…what is it that you really enjoy doing?

Now, this is the twist. Before you engage in that activity, ask: “God, if you really exist, please speak to me through this activity.”

Then as you engage in what you love to do, notice what your eyes are drawn toward. Is it the sky, something about the fairway? Is there something about the movie, song or book your heart connected with? Or did you find your thoughts centering on something in particular?

Ask God what He’s saying to you. Then pay attention to what comes to mind.

  • Is it a thought, a word or a picture?
  • Does your mind go back to one part of your experience?—If so, ask why.
  • Although you might think it’s “just you” thinking these thoughts, what if it’s not?
  • What if it’s God?

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