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Lesson 2: A Strategy for Email Sanity

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In today’s workplace, leaders feel the constant need to attend to their overflowing email inboxes. However, Juliet Funt says highly productive leaders have a strategic relationship with email.


The WhiteSpace Email Diet

Juliet Funt prescribes an email diet to cut down on distractions and increase focus.


The WhiteSpace Email Diet: On purpose, take certain periods of the day where you abstain from email.

—Juliet Funt

Think about your relationship with email. How many times during a typical day do you feel compelled to check it? How many extended periods throughout the day do you practice email abstention?


This week, observe your current relationship with email and then try Juliet’s WhiteSpace email diet.

1. Pick one full workday, observe your email habits.

  • How many times do you check email in a typical day? A typical hour?
  • What compels you to check email?
  • How might checking email less frequently increase your productivity?


2. Then, pick another full workday and try the WhiteSpace Email diet by identifying certain times of the day to abstain from email.

  • Did you experience an increase in productivity?

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