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Lesson 3: The Yellow List

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Our email inboxes often overflow with communication that could be quickly and easily handled though a short in-person meeting.


Attack Email Clutter Using the Yellow List

Juliet Funt teaches how the WhiteSpace strategy of the Yellow List will drastically cut the number of emails your team processes every day.


The WhiteSpace Yellow List: Before you send an email, pause and ask whether the topic really needs to be communicated now or if it could be added to a list of topics to discuss quickly and in person.  

—Juliet Funt

Think about the people with whom you interact on a frequent basis. How would keeping a “yellow list” simplify your work processes?


Create a “yellow list” for the key people with whom you interact on a frequent basis.

  • Identify and list the people for whom a “yellow list” would be an efficient means of communication.
  • Create a system (paper or electronic) to stockpile non-urgent questions or thoughts that could quickly be addressed in a “yellow list” meeting.
  • Use the “yellow list” system for one week to see if it decreases your email clutter.

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