Simon SinekThe Infinite Game

Lesson 2: The Rules of an Infinite Game

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A finite game is played with fundamentally different rules than an infinite game. Watch the short video below.

The Rules for an Infinite Game

Simon Sinek explains the difference between rules for a finite game and an infinite one.


Our work and personal lives are infinite games. We need to focus on the long-term. That means our choices are not about right or wrong, good or bad, winning or losing, they are about the quality of the lives we want to live and contributions we want to make.

Pick either your work or personal life and ask yourself:

  • What’s (at least) one finite rule I’ve brought into this infinite game?
  • How would I change it so that I am more focused on improving my quality of life or the contribution I’d like to make?


We don’t get to choose if we want to play in the infinite game or not, we just get to choose the rules by which we play.

—Simon Sinek

What decision are you facing right now that you could apply your new infinite rule to?

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