Ministry and #MeToo

Episode 7

Power and What Women Can Do

Danielle Strickland

Sexual misconduct and abuse conversations often lead to discussions about power. In this episode of the Ministry and #MeToo learning journey, Danielle Strickland helps us understand what we all can do to speak truth into the darkness of abuse and disempowerment. Using an insightful exercise, leaders will realize that we all have power and also a choice. We can choose to use our power to stay in darkness–or we can use our power, like Jesus did, to move forward with love.

Running time: 27 minutes


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Danielle Strickland

Pastor; Author; Justice Advocate

Danielle Strickland has led churches, started training schools, established justice departments and served the marginalized all over the world as an officer of The Salvation Army. She is an ambassador for Stop the Traffik and Compassion International, and she co-founded Infinitum, Amplify Peace, and The Brave Campaign. With a deep calling to empower people, Strickland speaks at conferences around the globe and has authored several books. Her most recent book, The Zombie Gospel, draws out deep lessons on what it truly means to be human.

The headshot of Danielle Strickland for Ministry and MeToo Series.