Leadership For Social Justice

Guidance & Resources to Equip You

What is our call today in the midst of all the unrest and violence? To do justice, to love mercy and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8). It is to respond by doing what we can to make things right. It is to name what is wrong and unjust and not be content to let it continue to fester, multiply or even exist. Here we’ve curated the leadership resources to help you do just that.

Now's the Time to Listen, Learn & Grow

In our current environment, we want to be very intentional about doing everything we can to learn and grow in the area of racial justice and diversity, recognizing the voices who bring years of experience and expertise to these topics. We’re honored to learn from experts like Bryan Stevenson, Bozoma Saint John, Gary Haugen, Albert Tate and Danielle Strickland, among several others.

May their voices challenge and edify your leadership in this season, and beyond.

Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson

"Hopelessness is the enemy of justice; the enemy of reflective leadership."

Albert Tate

Albert Tate is speaking at The Global Leadership Summit 2020.

"We’re called to surrender what’s limited in our hands to the limitless power of an almighty God."

Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma Saint John is a 2019 Global Leadership Summit Speaker.

"Bring your whole self to work because, that way, you can bring full ideas and the wholeness of your unique abilities."

Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland is a 2019 Global Leadership Summit Speaker.

"Let’s be people with our feet fitted with the Gospel of peace that our world desperately needs."

Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes is speaking at The Global Leadership Summit 2020.

"If you want to impact culture, you have to get outside of your own four walls."

Gary Haugen

Gary Haugen

"When our grandchildren ask us where we were when the voiceless and the vulnerable in our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up, and that we showed up on time."