GLS20 Session Notes: The Pace of Grace

Published August 10, 2020

The following are notes from Mike Todd’s talk at #GLS20. Use them to help you apply the content you learned at the Summit.

  • Stride means to walk with long decisive steps in a specific direction.
  • Why are we walking if we can run?
  • Why don’t we get there faster?
  • The pace of walking lasts longer.
  • When you find the right pace, everything changes.
  • The pace of grace.
  • Is everything in your leadership moving at the same pace?
  • Do you have leadership unity?
  • Is your integrity, your health, your spirituality, your family, your character, your peace, your joy, and your fulfillment, are they working together in harmony, making a beautiful sound?
CONNECTION | Drumming:
  • Different parts going at once in union—synergy.
  • When you find the right pace, it’s easy for a team to follow you.
What have you been called to do?
  • What is that thing that wakes you up in the morning?
  • What is that thing that you are burdened with?
  • Stay on that thing with the level of pace that will be able to allow you to sustain.
  • We need leaders who will be here generation after generation changing the trajectory of the lives that have come before and lives that are coming after.
  • Sowing down the pace allows for mental and emotional availability.
  • Have margin in your life.
  • Find the pace that is sustainable and livable.
  • Poor pace produces missed moments, missed meaning and missed miracles.
If you do not find a pace, you will miss the moments that are supposed to bring joy.
  • You will miss the things you’re supposed to learn, the meaning that is supposed to be in it.
  • You’ll miss the miracles.
How do I set a new leadership pace?
1. Get A Vision
  • Get a vision of yourself rested and whole.
  • Vision is what you see when your eyes are closed.
  • Sight is what you see when your eyes are open.
2. Make It Visual
  • Write it down—nothing’s real until you write it down.
  • Write down the goal that, “This time next month, my pace is going to go to this. And this time, the month after that, by this time next year.”
  • Write it down, put it in your iPhone, put it on a tablet.
  • Once it becomes real, it’s written down.
3. Be Verbal
  • Tell somebody, “I’m changing my pace.”
  • Once you do that, don’t violate what you said.
  • The results are going to come.
  • Pace directly affects peace, and peace is true prosperity.
  • If you want true prosperity in your business and your life, you need peace.
  • If you need peace over a long period of time, you have to have a pace.
  • Success is not just where you end up, it’s how you get there.


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About the Author
Michael Todd Is one of our incredible 2020 faculty members for the The Global Leadership.

Michael Todd

Lead Pastor; Author; Social Media Influencer

Transformation Church

In 2015, Michael Todd and his wife Natalie were entrusted with the leadership of Transformation Church by the founding Pastor. With a vision to reach their community, city and world with the Gospel in a relevant and progressive way, they’ve grown rapidly—After recently purchasing the SpiritBank Event Center, their church serves 5,000 attendees live weekly and more than 120,000 online. In keeping with the church’s aspiration to represent God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ, Todd reaches a multicultural, multiethnic and multigenerational audience. Todd’s influence reaches far beyond the church walls with viral expansion on social media, including several of his talks with over 17 million views on YouTube alone. Todd released his first book in April 2020, Relationship Goals.

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