Global Leadership Network Membership

Vision. Resources. Connection.

Join a community of innovative leaders sharing a common vision for supporting the building of biblically functioning churches and organizations globally, representing members from a variety of denominations, regions, cultures and ethnicities who want to learn from each other and see the Church thrive worldwide.

“There is no doubt in my mind we wouldn’t have made it through the twists and turns of 20 years without the Global Leadership Network. It’s a real relationship that rocks my leadership world all the time.”

Michael Simone

Senior Pastor

Spring Branch Community Church

Benefits of Global Leadership Network Membership

Membership Pricing

Beneficiaries include church (or organization) staff and all members of the congregation.

$349 (USD)*


*Available in the U.S. and Canada only. Note: only one ticket per each event (valued at $229 and $79 respectively) and one GLS On-Demand license (valued at $249) per church/organization are available to those who become members. However, additional tickets and licenses are available for purchase.