Announcing a New Podcast: Leadership University with Dr. Henry Cloud

Published September 28, 2016

This week, Dr. Henry Cloud is introducing a new FREE podcast Leadership University with Dr. Henry Cloud. The podcast is a companion to Leadership University, Henry’s subscription-based digital training resource for leaders.

“No, I have not started a college or a degree program,” I replied to someone who inquired about the Leadership University platform. I was trying to solve a different problem.

Leaders often talk to me about the development needs of their team members. One common frustration was people who had competency gaps in their leadership backgrounds, experience, modeling, or training. In fact, it seemed like some of the most gifted people in a particular area of focus could turn out to be some of the worst leaders. So, how could this be?

Most organizations do some form of leadership development, but it is often patchworked and piecemeal. Some people are highly developed: they have gone to lots of experiences, workshops, coaches, or had great mentoring. Others had very little. Across an organization, skill development was not cohesive or systematic. Department leaders often did not feel confident about the leadership competencies of everyone under their watch.

About the same time that I was seeing the scope of this need, technology was getting to the point where creating leadership development for individuals and teams could be done utilizing more effective, scalable, digital methods.

So, I had a dream.

I wanted to take the same leadership development information and experiences and processes that I deliver in person to my client companies, and make them available to businesses and ministries everywhere in a scalable form to anyone.

I have built the curriculum to cover both sides of the leadership spectrum: the hard skills of leadership and the soft skills as well. Leaders, from the lowest rungs in organizations to the highest, always need both sets of competencies.

Leaders need hard skill competencies such as:

  • how the science of vision clarity drives performance,
  • successful ways of engaging talent,
  • how to practically design and implement metrics and accountability,
  • And more.

These hard skills are needed from the assembly line all the way to the executive levels. When you get everyone at every level understanding what it means to create a “desired future”, and then know how to execute it, you have an organization that is moving forward to making vision a reality.

But you need more than that: you must also have leaders that possess the “soft skills” that make all of that work:

  • the ability to build trust,
  • confront others well and have difficult conversations,
  • to be good listening leaders in ways that build the performance of others,
  • And more.

Leadership is always both sides: the technical side of leadership, and the personal and interpersonal competencies. I wanted to make a comprehensive, easily delivered program that organizations of any size could implement. And that is what Leadership University does.

The Leadership University product is available via subscription, though each module can be purchased a la carte. But in addition to the product, we wanted to be able to supplement the content with regular doses of leadership insight and inspiration. And to expose a wider audience to these kinds of leadership ideas.  So we decided to create a podcast!

Creating this podcast has been thrilling. One of the most exciting things is that it has allowed us to give you direct access to not just our own thoughts, but the thoughts of our brilliant guests, who we are sure you will find uniquely inspiring and motivating.

I believe you will find it to be a source of new energy and new intelligence — two of the fundamentals for needed improvement.

Leadership University, in product and podcast form alike, takes information, relationships, experiences and structure (the four pillars of development) and creates a learning path designed to build leadership competencies.

I hope you enjoy these offerings and find them helpful!  Click here to learn more and subscribe.

God Bless,


About the Author
Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud

Clinical Psychologist & Acclaimed Leadership Expert

Leadership University

Dr. Henry Cloud is a clinical psychologist, acclaimed leadership expert and best-selling author. He draws upon his experience in business and his background as a clinical and consulting psychologist to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills, personal relationships and business performance.

Years at GLS 1996, 2005, 2011, 2013, 2016

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