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Resources for City Transformation

Lifting Up Our Neighbors

Chuck Surack, Founder and CEO, Sweetwater Sound

""As I’ve developed my leadership skills through the Summit, I’ve become more acutely aware of challenges in our community. That’s why I’m passionate about community development. We all have a responsibility to lift up both our neighbors and strangers and lend a helping hand whenever possible. As a result of the Summit, our city-wide movement has gained momentum. Without a doubt, Fort Wayne, Indiana is getting better.""

Chuck Surack, CEO, Sweetwater Sound

Learning Together

Joelle Zimmerman

"“The city, especially the south end, has been in a dark place on many levels due to poverty and lack of economic opportunity. The increased connection and our improved relationship with community groups helps people see that we are not threatening or out of touch as a church. It is amazing how many different people are coming through our church doors to find ways to connect with each other and impact our city! We hope to continue to offer more opportunities throughout the year for health, government, education, business and faith-based sectors to intersect and learn together through the GLS.” "

Joelle Zimmerman, Grace Christian Fellowship

Committed to Our City

Amie Gamboian headshot

"“We’re committed to leadership excellence, we’re committed to Omaha, and we’re committed to what God might call us to in the city movement as He continues to unfold the pieces of the puzzle. We’re focused on striding forward obediently with long, intentional steps in the same direction as His pace of Grace. As Omaha leaders say “yes” to the leadership assignments He gives us, investing 150% of ourselves, not in scoreboards or numbers goals, but in the people He’s called us to reach, Omaha’s Grander Vision will be reached.”"

Amie Gamboian, Leadership Coach, Omaha

Entering the Brokenness of Our City

Dan Steffen is the pastor at Pure Heart Church.

"“God is in the restoration business. He is a God of second chances. We cannot be too quick to abandon each other when things get messy. I love reaching people who are hurting, broken and far from God. At our church, we were going around the world doing missions, and we started to ask what we were doing in our own city? We decided to enter into the brokenness in our community.”"

Dan Steffen, Senior Pastor, Pure Heart Church

The Global Leadership Summit Convening Leaders for City Transformation

At the Global Leadership Network, we are passionate about leadership development that ignites transformation. It’s about more than supporting men and women on a journey to thrive personally—it’s also about leaders like you uniting locally around a common vision to see positive transformation ignite in your city.

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