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Serve guests from over 90 countries who attend conferences at the Global Leadership Network in South Barrington, IL, such as The Global Leadership Summit. Host international guests who are integral in expanding the Summit in their countries during these conferences.

By opening up your home, you allow these leaders to save money that can be allocated to expand the GLS in their countries. More leaders can be impacted because of your generosity. Let your home be one of them!

What is the Global Hospitality Ministry?

Host Home Guidelines

How do you get matched up with a guest?

  1. Approximately eight weeks prior to a conference, you’ll be asked your availability to host. We ask that host homes are available for guest accommodation the Saturday before the conference until the Sunday after a conference (eight nights). This provides guests time to recover from travel, do some sightseeing, socialize with family, and experience a Willow weekend service. Many guests do not stay the entire eight nights.
  2. Then two weeks prior to the conference, you’ll receive information on your guest, including contact details. We strongly encouraged you to reach out to your guest prior to their arrival to introduce yourself, confirm arrival times and answer any questions they may have.
  3. Guests arrive!

The GLN charges all guests a nominal administrative fee to help with placement. Hosts do not receive financial remuneration for serving.

Host homes provide appropriate accommodations, which include:

  • A private bedroom, one not used by host family during guest stay. One guest per room is ideal, although a bedroom may be shared by more than one guest, when needed
  • A separate bed for each guest (only married guests to share beds)
  • Access to bathroom (may be shared with family)
  • Clean linens
  • Reasonably clean and tidy common rooms
  • No sofa beds, futons or air mattresses please
  • No beds in common areas which are used by family. i.e. family room, recreation room
  • Hosts are not expected to provide access to phone or computer/internet. Free wireless internet access is available in WCCC for use with guest’s own computer.

A light breakfast is the only meal a host is expected to offer. This could include fruit and toast, cereal, muffins or eggs. If a guest has a food allergy, it will be noted to the host ahead of time. Guests are responsible for all other meals, several which are provided by the Global Leadership Network during event times. Hosts may offer additional meals/food at their discretion.

Guests are responsible for their own transportation during the entire duration of their stay, including getting to and from Willow Creek Church for the conference. Most guests will either rent a car or be in a car pool with other guests from their country. However, Uber and other taxi services are acceptable forms of transportation.

We understand that hosts love to serve guests in any way they can. In the instance of transportation, we do ask that hosts follow protocol and have their guests handle all transportation themselves.

All guests are required to be registered for the conference. Guests are provided guidelines on staying in Global Hospitality prior to arriving, so they will be informed on what is expected and what is not. We will never place a single guest with a single host of the opposite sex. Single female hosts will always receive either all female guests or married couples. Hosts should use their discretion regarding guest’s access to home or leaving guests unaccompanied.

If there is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 for the guest. Then contact the GLN International Travel and Hospitality Coordinator, Mary Beth Temesvary, at 630.740.2435.

International guests are requested to obtain travel insurance for any unforeseen emergencies, and the GLN as a liaison medical physician in case of medical emergencies. If guests do not feel well but the situation is not an emergency, you can direct them to the nearest pharmacy.

Will my guest speak English? 

Although most guests have a reasonable understanding of English, not all will speak English fluently. For the GLS, we offer interpretation services at the GLS in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Korean and German. During all other events on campus, guests must speak English to attend.

Do I need to speak another language to host? 

No, you do not need to speak another language to have a great host experience. However, if you do speak another language and note it on your application, we might place you with a native speaker so you may practice.

A guest I had in the past requested me again. What should I do? 

We love that people build friendships through the Global Hospitality ministry, and we encourage this relationship building. Just tell the guest to apply for GH when they register and request you as a home. This way we have a record of where the guest is staying, and in the event you cannot host or have an emergency, we can help find them a new home.

Can I take my guest downtown Chicago? 

We are always excited when adventures occur with your new friends. However, please do not feel obligated to do anything with your guest other than provide accommodations and fellowship in the home.

I would like to attend the conference with my guest. Is this possible? 

If tickets are still available to the Summit, you are more than welcome to purchase them and attend with your guest. International guests typically eat lunch with their countries in private lunch rooms where they may discuss strategic planning, which is included in their ticket prices. Therefore, you could just meet them after lunch. Other events may not be open to the public. Check the Global Leadership Network homepage to see if tickets are available.

They feel like a family...

Image of Global Hospitality host Carol K.

"No matter what country the guests are from, as soon as I meet them, they feel like family. We are all children of God, and just having that in common makes the visit so comfortable. It's such a joy to host. While I'm preparing the guest room with clean sheets and towels, I pray for whoever God is bringing to stay with me. I love serving them breakfast, snacks and sometimes hearing their stories over dinner."

Carol K., Elk Grove Village

Sweet memories and God's answer to a simple prayer...

Global Hospitality hosts Mark and Rhonda.

"This visit from our Costa Rican friends was special. They cooked us arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) from scratch—delicious! Then a concert from Leo, who is a worship leader in his home church. He could play anything on the piano. Sweet memories and God’s answer to a simple prayer."

Mark and Rhonda H., Algonquin

I've made forever friends with this family...

Image of Global Hospitality host Lance D.

"After hosting a guest here, I’ve visited his family and stayed with them twice! On my last trip, before dropping me off at the airport they pulled over and prayed over me – for my continued health, for my safe travels, and for our church family at Willow Creek. I’ve made forever friends with this family and I have the GLN and the opportunity to host to thank for it. There will always be room in my home for an international guest."

Lance B., Carpentersville

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