Published June 8, 2020

80 Families in Sierra Leone Receive Relief Package From Local Summit Volunteers

The Global Leadership Network provides leadership development learning opportunities throughout the year in an effort to help people grow in their leadership and ignite transformation worldwide. The Global Leadership Summit, our annual event has been equipping leaders for more than 25 years. In 2020, The Global Leadership Summit is set to reach 124 countries, including a small country in Africa called Sierra Leone.

Attendees at the GLS in Sierra Leone

Attendees at the GLS in Sierra Leone

80-Families-in-Sierra-Leone-Receive-Relief-Package-From-Local-Summit-VolunteersThe leaders in Sierra Leone have been deeply moved by the teaching of the Summit, and the results have shifted mindsets to be that of servant leaders. So, it was no surprise when we recently received a report from our friends in Sierra Leone letting us know what new initiatives they are taking on to serve the vulnerable in their community.

In the midst of the global health crisis, churches, schools and other institutions have had to close. People have lost their jobs and the entire world has been grounded to a socio-economic slowdown, and in some cases, an abrupt halt. The economic impact in the already impoverished country of Sierra Leone is becoming more burdensome from day-to-day. However, leaders in Sierra Leone recognized an opportunity to serve those in need and shifted their leadership efforts to join the fight against this pandemic.

80-Families-in-Sierra-Leone-Receive-Relief-Package-From-Local-Summit-VolunteersAs a result, eighty households recently benefited from a relief package provided by the team of volunteers from the Global Leadership Network in Sierra Leone. The entire package, worth about $1,000 USD, was distributed to the aged, widows and economically challenged in the community.

These amazing volunteers went from house to house giving packages of food, including rice, onions, cooking oil, tomato paste, salt, Maggi seasoning cubes and a bundle of pure water.

The recipients expressed delight in their gesture of generosity and care. They thanked the team and hope that other organizations follow in their footsteps to serve the vulnerable, no matter their religious background.

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