Published August 23, 2017

Because of the GLS | Professor is Not Holding Back the Message of the Gospel


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int-1209Meet Abraham. A professor. A change agent. And man after God’s own heart who desires to see his countbiry of Nigeria transformed by the Gospel.

Because he knows that change can only happen when someone accepts the challenge to step up and take the lead, he has volunteered his time over the last six years to call out, raise up and empower leaders.

In Northern Nigeria, this work takes a certain kind of bravery.

Being a Christian in Northern Nigeria is very challenging.

For the past three years, Christians have been persecuted in his region; shootings, bombings and kidnappings ravage the land, producing fear among the people.

But Abraham is not holding back the message of the Gospel.

“If you hold yourself high and proclaim the Gospel, people know what you stand for.”

He knows that now more than ever, Nigeria needs the Gospel and the healing that it brings.

Abraham is stepping up.

“Leadership is not about being the boss,” Abraham says. “It is to inspire people and create a catalyst for change. We need to lead people the way Christ has been leading us. God has been very faithful in defending us, protecting us and helping us in very trying times. We must continue to be the light and the salt.

“So what of the falling bullets and the bombs of the insurgency? God is going to see us through.

In Nigeria, one of the largest countries in the world, the population is around 75 million people. But as you might already realize, it is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world today.

However, with the GLS making inroads into public sectors of society, including the government, change agents like Abraham see a hope for the future. “Corruption has been so high,” Abraham explains. “But we believe the GLS would be able to penetrate and diffuse the level of corruption.”

This year, the GLS will take place at more than 70 sites across Nigeria. But this is not just an event anymore – leaders like Abraham are being encouraged to continue to be the salt and light of the earth.

Growth continues, and change IS happening!

“If I could change one thing in the world, it is to change leaders because leaders set the pace,” Abraham shares. “If we have leaders of integrity, men and women of honor, the followers will also be men and women of integrity and honor.

“God’s agenda is also with leaders. That is why He raised Moses. He raised Joseph. Leaders must get things done. They must make things happen. They must take us to the next level.

“I ask God to give us leaders who are inspiring. Leaders who are godly. Leaders who are God fearing. Leaders who will do the will of God. They are not selfish, but sacrificial leaders. Leaders who will give of themselves and say we just need to do the will of God.

“Great things will happen in our generation.”

The first time Abraham heard the church was the hope of the world, he was blown away. He realized that the church could bring healing and change to Nigeria.

Indeed we are the hope of the world,” Abraham said. “The church is the hope of the world. We have the Gospel. Despite the change in times, the Gospel remains the same. Despite all that is happening around the world, it is still good. The church is the hope of the world!

“We [as Christians] are the ones who can go to any lengths to make sacrifices and love people even when they hate us. We are the hope of the world. We are the ones going to a very critical, terrible areas. We venture into areas we might be slaughtered or we might be killed. But we are the hope of the world.

“We HAVE to bring light into dark places.

“We have to bring hope to the hopeless. We want to feed the poor and visit the prisoners. The world is crying from hunger. There is war all over the place, but we are to bring peace.

“The message ‘the church is the hope of the world’ has changed my focus. It has changed my orientation. It has helped me look more globally. We brighten the little corner where we are, but beyond that we need to look globally and be global Christians.

“You need to go beyond praying for your immediate environment. We are the hope of the world, and with passion I am taking that seriously. I don’t see myself as just one corner of the world. The world is waiting for us as we build up upcoming generations. The world is waiting for the message of reconciliation.”

Leaders embrace God’s call on their lives and allow the promises of the Gospel to be accomplished through them.

Abraham serves through the GLS with full vigor, not because the event in and of itself brings change, but because when ears are opened to what God challenges leaders to do through the GLS, change happens.

“I’ve never seen promises in any other religion like in Christianity,” Abraham explains. “The church is to take these promises to the world. His promise is alive. His promise is abundance. His promise is to be with us always even to the end of the ages. All we need to do is present the promise.”

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