Published April 29, 2019

How I Discovered Who God Created Me To Be

I was on auto pilot

I’ve always had a passion for both design and health. But I was ignoring the seed God had planted in me to use these passions to connect and help people be the best versions of themselves, discover their value and face their fears.

I was forcing myself to feel contentment at work

I went through some bad experiences in different work environments until I decided that maybe I would just play it safe and settle. I figured I couldn’t change people, so maybe I should be grateful for what I had. But I was overworked trying to be an entire digital department and working up to 12 hour days. I wasn’t content. And even though I realized this, I was forcing myself to feel contentment at work, and felt guilty for wanting to leave.

I wasn’t tapping into what God told ME to do.

As it turns out, God was already lining things up. He had put things in my mind and waited for me to act on them. Leaning in to my passion for health and fitness, I finally took a step and decided to start taking classes to become a certified health coach. Then the fear of not being good enough kicked in. A lack of confidence stemming from my past began to resurface. And I considered quitting before I finished my certification.

When I was young, I struggled with confidence and leaning in to who God created me to be

Young Brandie Adams with her momAs a kid, I always felt like an outsider. I looked different. I thought differently. When I was young, I felt out of place. Growing up, I would try to talk to other kids who also seemed out of place, because I knew what the pain of rejection felt like. I valued meaningful connection and helping people because, growing up, I didn’t have that.

The discontent I felt and continue to feel today comes from that need for connection, love and to be cared for as I am, instead of doing A-B-C in order for people to accept me. I didn’t know it yet, but God was going to use this part of me to serve people in a unique way. And when God did this for me, He showed me how He loves me for who I am.

Then I was invited to attend The Global Leadership Summit

T.D. Jakes quote

It was 2016. I didn’t think I was a leader at the time. But I was told the Summit was for anybody, so I decided to go with a friend. While I sat in the room, I forgot I was in my home church. It was a whole different experience that I hadn’t expected.

When T.D. Jakes said, God planted a seed in you, and it’s there for a purpose at this specific time and it’s your responsibility to water it, I felt like he was looking into my soul in that moment. And I was bawling. God called me to have these different passions.

I felt like God was saying, I want you to nurture your passion.

So I said, Yes!

I didn’t quit my pursuit of becoming a health coach. I finished my certification and started my small private health coaching business. I also decided to find another full-time job, because I knew I was not where God wanted me to be at that time.

Brandie and her teammates at GLNBefore the Summit, I was choking out my blessing. I used to say, God, these are all great ideas you put in my head, but do you realize I’m scared, and I can’t do these things?

The surprising thing God has shown me is yes, I can!

God was giving me time to trust in Him. I started letting go of the things—the fears and the what ifs. I started to relax into what God blessed me with. It’s a daily practice that I still work on to this day—learning how to let go of the lies about who I am and leaning in to God’s truth of who He has said I am.

What if I could be a part of this Summit thing?

I started thinking about what it would be like to be a part of this Summit. I didn’t know if I was good enough to contribute to something so big, but I put some feelers out there, and applied for three different jobs. I remembered the seed God put in me, and the passion for design to help people discover who God made them to be.

Small hinges can swing open big doors.

And it turns out, my path and the Global Leadership Network intersected. I got the job and felt welcomed and appreciated for being authentic about who I was and where God was leading me in my life. Since then, my peers and my supervisors have poured into me. God answered my prayer! And I started feeling a communal aspect to work that I hadn’t experienced before.

The common denominator between health coaching and leadership development

Brandie being interviewed at a Health Coaching SeminarI want to be able to reach people with the message that simple changes make big improvements in your life, whether that is with their own personal health, with the health of their organization or even the state of our world. Small hinges can swing open big doors. When people understand that, they can implement small changes to make big improvements. And I want to help by being a source of hope.

One way I can do that is through connection. I always felt deep down in my soul that there is a point where all of us can connect. I believe it is a God-given desire. Even in the deepest disagreements, true leaders can say we’re all in this together. There are always common denominators, and I want to find them. In the midst of all the conflict, there is a source of hope. That’s why there is such a great need for the GLN to spread, because it’s that source of hope we all need. It’s a common denominator we can all connect on.

What to expect at the Summit

Expect to be surprised. Whatever that looks like for you—whether that changes a mindset, leads to a job change or leads to a dynamic relationship change—expect to be surprised. Be willing to be open to that. The Summit is always for your good. It’s there to help you improve and be a better person and leader.

…expect to realize how important you are, and how much value you bring into the world

For anyone reading this who can relate to my story, expect to realize how important you are, and how much value you bring into the world just as you are without having to perform or check any boxes.

And if you are still apprehensive, check out the content on the website. Check out the free GLSnext app and get a taste of what you can gain. Let God surprise you, and be willing to follow His leading.

About the Author
Brandie Adams Headshot

Brandie Nicole Adams

Digital Marketing Manager

Global Leadership Network

Brandie Nicole Adams is the Digital Marketing Manager for the Global Leadership Network where she uses her creative design skills and strategic thinking to promote Christian leadership development across the world. She is also the founder of Revealed Healing, where she serves as a Certified Health Coach. She specializes in helping others struggling with unhealthy patterns, shame, or trauma. Her passion is to see her clients living life to the fullest by authentically stepping into who God created them to be. As a huge advocate for mental, spiritual, physical and relational health, Brandie is committed to using every gift God has given her and to help others do the same.

  1. L Richardson
    May 1 2019 12AM

    I’m SO very happy for you Brandie, my blessed and beautiful daughter! May God CONTINUE to prune you, so that, you can, “…..Bear more fruit…” I LOVE you, and feel so blessed, that God allowed me to be your Mom! Your Spirit inspires me! You’re more than a precious jewel! You are and will always be the sole reason, I know the, “..Greatest Gift of all..”, and that is, L.O.V.E! Big Mommie hug & kiss! MUUAAHHHH! ♡

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