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Let Them Be Leaders


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Cynthia and Thomas Parker share a story of how faith and commitment to others can inspire success in life and in the workplace. By JENNIFER PUCCI STARR (Original publication from Elite Attorney San Antonio Sept – Oct 2015)


ParkersThe recipe for success, be it in business or just life in general, can take years to discover. For one San Antonio couple they drew inspiration from the challenges they faced to create a team of leaders, leaders within themselves and in their company Judicial Services Record Company. Cynthia and Thomas Parker, drew from faith the ability to build a happier, more successful and fulfilling life, and then made it their mission to offer this discovery to others, and they are happy to share that discovery with the world.

The Parkers started their journey as students and members of the band at South San High School in San Antonio. Thomas, the youngest of five children began working at an early age to help support his family, while Cynthia and her brother were pushed to focus on getting the most out of their education. In both instances they were given the drive to work hard from an early age by parents who wanted more for their children then they had themselves. As the two grew up together and fell in love, they found strength in both that similar drive instilled in them by their parents as well as the complimentary difference and became one another’s greatest champion.

When the duo found themselves pregnant with their first son, they made their first big sacrifice and commitment to their family. Thomas worked while Cynthia completed college at St. Mary’s University, together raising their son the best they could. Their son became their single greatest motivator to succeed. “My counselor said I should give up and just get a job, that an education for a young mother was pointless, but that was not an option.” Cynthia went on to study hard and make good grades, while Thomas focused on working hard to provide a good stable home.

Throughout this time, Thomas was also learning, but about his future, as he sought to find a career he could thrive in. After being laid off, his interests were piqued by an advertisement offering training the field of judicial services. Learning about these important services needed by courts and the people who found their way into them was fascinating to Thomas, and something he felt driven to do. “I fell in love with the concept of the industry and I knew this was something I was born to do.”

It was an exciting time, of discovery and growth, but a time that also met with challenges. Thomas struggled within companies that were not providing a stable work environment or job security. After being laid off Thomas knew that if he wanted to take this career to the next level, and to give his clients the best service, he needed to be the decision maker and Judicial Services Record Company was born. Clients who Thomas had worked with before starting the company were excited to move forward with the new company. The initial services of the company included retrieval of records that may often be quite difficult to track down and keep organized; the team streamlined the process and was able to provide an invaluable service to not only legal representatives and their clients, but also to insurance companies that often need access to hard to find documents. The company also offers online access to their services and training for clients who would like to access these search tools themselves.

Cynthia had graduated by this point and was moving along in her career as a process improvement specialist and a Manager at a credit union, serving the members of the armed forces. In the positions she traveled throughout the country, taking her away from home often. “I loved my members, it was a great organization, however I recall arriving home one day and realizing I longed for my family,” says Cynthia. After repeated requests by Thomas to join him in the business Cynthia decided she was ready to embark on this new venture with her husband, one where she could bring that love of client service to Judicial Services.

Starting a business, raising a family and working day in and day out with your spouse needed equal effort, letting one fail meant each would suffer. The business was moving along, yet the stressors were catching up to the duo and they knew they needed to seek a new path for guidance and support. “We visited Grace Point Church and realized here, that if we continued down a path where we felt compelled to do things on our own will, we would fail,” recalls Cynthia. “You can say we met God here and learned of his unconditional grace, his forgiveness and of His power. As it says in Matthew 19:26, ‘with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

Parkers at GLSFinding that inspiration in faith, the couple brought that right into their business practices. They were setting forth not only to do good for their clients, but to provide the inspiration to those who work for them to want to be the best they can be. “We serve our clients and we serve our staff,” says Cynthia. “Each staff member is a leader in life in many aspects; relationships, kids, sports teams. Therefore we wanted them to have all the fundamental skills needed to be leaders in their career.” Providing optional leadership classes for their staff such as ‘Defining your Leadership,’ ‘Grander Visions,” “Good to Great,” and other topics the couple strive to provide the best opportunity for growth, ultimately creating a positive working environment that they can feel happy returning to every day. For those who attended 80 percent or more of these classes, they were then sent to the Global Leadership Conference. “We have many high-level team members and without them I would not be sharing our story,” says Cynthia.

Going deeper into their faith, the couple needed to find the strength to move into another much needed area of service for their clients, court reporting. As a birthday present from her son the couple were gifted tickets to attend Tony Robbins’ conference in Dallas. At the event the couple took a different sort of leap of faith and tried fire walking, said to unleash the power within. “What we discovered was that God gifted each one of us with the confidence that anything is possible,” says Cynthia. “We faced fears symbolic in the red-hot coals, to claim the life that was intended.” The couple also came to the realization that they had set limitations to their business and after years of sending clients that needed court reporting away, it was now time to provide this service and become a one-stop organization for the judicial support their clients needed. The fire walking has not ceased for the Parker family, as they have sent both children to also experience this life-changing event. “Stay posted, we are also surveying the staff for volunteers,” says Cynthia enthusiastically.

Judicial Services, its leaders, and its team stress that its main focus is serving others. “It sounds cliché,” says Cynthia, “but we love and respect our clients like our family. Stretching to the ends of the world to make their service experience excellent. Our promise to our clients is that if they just give us a try, we will not let them down.” It is a group of professionals who are striving to provide excellent legal support, in all facets, nationwide. A life lesson can be learned from this courageous couple, one that if you give your all in what you believe and lift up others to greatness, the result is one of fulfillment and success.

Find out more about the work of Judicial Service Records Company by visiting, or calling 210-681-4885.

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