Published November 3, 2017

Minority Christians in Northern Nigeria Experience the Summit for the First Time


AfricaBecause of the GLS

In an undisclosed city in Northern Nigeria, where 90 percent of the region is Muslim, a small minority of Christians heard about The Global Leadership Summit, and were hungry for the training and encouragement.

This city has not experienced any sort of leadership training in the area for 17 years, but in 2017, we held the first ever Summit event for 105 local leaders.

The local pastor expressed how valuable it was for the local Christian community. For those who were able to attend, the feedback was heartwarming, and reiterates the need to encourage Christian leaders leading and living under difficult circumstances.

Be encouraged by the attendees’ comments: 

Attending the Summit is one of the best decision I have made this year.  I would love to always be a part of this.—Amodu (banker)

Thanks for bringing the Summit to this region. Please bring it to the university area, because it’s one course that most tertiary institutions are missing.—Aboloyinjo (teacher)

Please do make this a yearly Summit!—Ezekiel (private business)

Very impactful! Looking forward to more of this. Thanks so much, and grace to you all.—Lizzy (medical doctor).

The Summit is awesome and inspiring. A repeat of it will be good for the Christendom.—Taiwo (government employee) 

I believe in GLS and its potential to raise great leaders.—Daniel (corp member)

I will commit to do my very best for the Kingdom of God. So help me God.—Owuna (pastor)

The GLS is a power indeed. It has really touched different areas in my life. I have gathered information on how to be a great leader.—Glory (student)

 I really want the Summit to be here again.— Simi (development worker)

It is an eye-opening event and I look forward to attending more of it in future.—Grace (government employee)

Let there be this kind of knowledge impartation continually, because our generation seriously needs it for a better and greater tomorrow. I am really impacted.—Jummai (government employee)

Awesome Summit! Great Speakers! Better me!—Lawrence (logistics intern)

All the sessions were amazing, but the part I enjoyed the most was the session with Sheila Heen on feedback.—Rachael (teacher) 

I’ve learned that I have a blind spot and am learning to accept and work on it after it was brought to my attention by others through feedback. Thanks for inviting me. I’m grateful.—Ruth (corp member)

Our city is in for a great movement as people get impacted, challenged and inspired towards a better way of life and leadership.—Jerri (teacher)

I would really love the Summit to be hosted here again. The event was amazing, impactful and a huge blessing. The organization of the event was excellent.—Eugene (private business)

I feel this leadership Summit was organized for me. I had great challenge in my work, in my profession, and the sessions have greatly impacted on me to be better. Much thanks.—Benret (mental health service provider)

 This Summit should happen again and again!—Uchenna (private business)

It was awesome and has rekindled a new fire in me.—Andrew (government employee)


Thank you for praying for and supporting the GLS to be held in places like Northern Nigeria. You may never know the impact you have made, but the ripple effect is transformational.


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