Published January 21, 2019

Taking Back George in Lusaka, Zambia


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“Together, let’s take back George. Don’t run away from it. Fight for it! Let’s redefine our name. We are from George, and we are responsible for what goes on in this community. You can’t afford to leave this building and bury what you have learned.

What are you going to do with the knowledge you have acquired? How are you going to lead? How are you going to address illiteracy, bad sanitation and alcoholism in this community?

We are from George, and we are responsible for what goes on in this community

As a network, we are committed to George and its transformation. Will you join us?”

These were the words of fired-up Pastor Brighton Siyanyinzya as he closed the first Global Leadership Summit event in George Community, Lusaka in November 2018.

George is a community riddled with poverty, but there is hope through leadership.

Attendees at the GLS in ZambiaThe root of most of the issues is substandard leadership. Jubilee Centre had been sponsoring a network of pastors to attend the Summit at a church in the suburbs of Lusaka, but it became clear that many more leaders in George were desperate for leadership development of this caliber. So in 2018, we decided to launch it locally in George.

Approximately 330 leaders showed up for the first event. They were inspired, motivated and challenged to start change within themselves before attempting to change their community. This changed the trajectory of the Summit, especially on the second day; leaders were being pushed to a place of vulnerability, something uncommon in our Zambian culture.

These are but a few stories of leaders who have been pushed in ways they didn’t think were possible. They understand how imperative good leadership is and this was confirmed by how much they gave to the Global Leadership Fund during our time of offering.


Tony, a young legal assistant, was deeply provoked by Sheila Heen’s Difficult Conversations session.

Due to his background in law, he used to bulldoze through conversations and discussions with his peers without any regard for their perspective or feelings. He was “always right,” he said, “I feel terrible about what my pride has done to my relationships. I want to mend my broken friendships. Going forward, I will be intentional about being an avid listener.”

Moses, a teacher, was swept away by Erwin McManus’ fearless lifestyle.

He said, “I have been riddled with financial fear for as long as I can remember; living in George can do that to you. However, Erwin’s message has rebuked these fears and I know that if Erwin can overcome the fear of death, I can put my financial insecurities aside and pursue God’s purpose for my life.”

Rebecca, an elementary school teacher, learned about listening to her inner voice.

She said, “Patience has always been a struggle for me. I didn’t know how to express my ideas with my friends. I would usually leave conversations midway through. I have learned the importance of listening to my inner voice and having the patience to arrange my thoughts and respond with grace.”

There is hope for George.

Each of their faces communicated to me that they wanted, more than anything, for other leaders around the globe to have access to this information. Their selflessness was the biggest blessing to me because this is one of the poorest communities in Lusaka, but they sacrificed the little they had to give because they have bought into the vision of The Global Leadership Summit. This brought me joy and fulfillment and gave me hope for the future of this community.

About the Author

David Temfwe

David Temfwe is head of media for the Jubilee Center in Ndola, Zambia, and has been a part of the team bringing The Global Leadership Summit to Zambia for the past three years. He studied communications at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and later returned to Zambia with his wife, where he loves to capture stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

    Jan 31 2019 3AM

    As a concerned servant of God , I am really touched with this story of ‘ taking – back George in Lusaka Zambia , whoo ! It is amazing and shaking . I have been there. How can we together address these challenges ? Secondly, How can I BECOME A MEMBER OF WCA ? Pastor Bwalya Joseph

    • Rosey Lavine
      Feb 1 2019 4PM

      Hi Joseph, I just forwarded your request to our international team, and they will get back to you on how to get involved. Thanks!

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