Published August 13, 2019

GLS19 Illustrative Summaries

These beautifully drawn illustrations provide a helpful bird’s-eye view summary of each of the #GLS19 faculty talks.


Craig Groeschel: Bend the Curve


Bozoma St. John: Bozoma St. John One-on-One with Paula Faris


Ben Sherwood: Leading Succeeding in the Age of Disruption


Liz Bohannon: Beginner’s Pluck


Jason Dorsey: Generational Clues Uncovered


Danielle Strickland: Leading Transformational Change


Devon Franklin: Your Difference is your Destiny


Patrick Lencioni: What’s Your Motive?


Chris Voss: Chris Voss One-on-One with Paula Faris


Mayor Aja Brown: When Vision Overcomes


Jia Jiang: Rejection Proof


Todd Henry: Hearding Tigers


Dr. Krish Kandiah: VIP Leadership


Jo Saxton: Level Up your Leadership


Bear Grylls: Soul Fuel


Craig Groeschel: Heart Over Head



Click here to view the homepage of the GLS19 Session Notes.


  1. Beth Denney
    Aug 13 2019 7PM

    These are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patricia Butler
    Aug 13 2019 7PM

    Fabulous! Thanks so much for these!

  3. Dan Sorgen
    Aug 13 2019 7PM

    What a creative way to review the GLS content I enjoyed last week! Thank you!

  4. Tiffany Nottingham
    Aug 14 2019 2PM

    Phenomenal. Thank you!

  5. James D'Angelo
    Aug 14 2019 6PM

    Wonderful! Thank you!!

  6. Tonya Wilson
    Aug 14 2019 7PM

    Love the layout of these notes. GREAT info to keep on file. Thank you!!

  7. John Hackett
    Aug 15 2019 1AM

    Excellent Visuals to reinforce learnings

  8. Troy Irvin
    Aug 15 2019 5AM

    Thanks for creating these! They’re going to be a great tool over the coming year to look back, stay fresh, and lead better.

  9. Don Hodde
    Aug 15 2019 2PM

    These summaries highlight why simply the most powerful two days of the year a leader can spend will be at the GLS! It’s that good! Plan on it for next year.

  10. Chad Earhart
    Aug 15 2019 3PM

    Thank you so much for these summaries and for the notes, GLN! You are amazing. I meet with a friend each year and we unpack and debrief the Summit, together. These notes help me better apply and share the learning from the Summit. I can relax and focus knowing that someone is going to take better notes. You are appreciated.

  11. Ann Lynch
    Aug 15 2019 7PM

    Love these!! Thank you for putting this together and for sharing.

  12. Ardene Martin
    Aug 16 2019 12PM

    This was one of the best Summit’s I’ve attended. Topics were varied and so well done.

  13. Annie Johnson
    Aug 21 2019 1AM

    I love it! Thank you so much for the notes

  14. Joe George
    Aug 21 2019 2AM

    Amazing GLS2019. Thanks for striving to make a positive difference in today’s world!

  15. Anne Coppola
    Aug 28 2019 10PM

    LOVE! These are GREAT!

  16. Joy Erickson
    Aug 29 2019 3PM

    These are awesome reminders!! Thank you! I love the visuals I can print (looks better than my notes!)

  17. Sam Semako)
    Aug 30 2019 4AM

    These are awesome summaries. I love them. Away from the videos, this can quickly give one a snappy review of the summit and acting as reminders.

    Great job.

  18. Stephanie+ Stripling+
    Sep 2 2019 1PM

    Thank you for this awesome session notes. Are this notes printable ? This is such awesome , tool to help leaders stay focus for the entire year.

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