Published May 18, 2021

Meet Your Host of The Global Leadership Podcast

To know Ashlyn Ochoa is to love her, which is why the Global Leadership Network is excited to announce Ashlyn as the host of The Global Leadership Podcast!

Ashlyn Ochoa is the host of The Global Leadership Podcast.

The product of her talented work, strategic creativity and valuable leadership can be experienced in her production of our podcasts, as well as many of the GLN’s leadership events and videos that are translated and contextualized in more than 123 countries.

As a valuable leader with a voice of positive influence across the GLN, her behind-the-scenes brilliance just had to be brought to public light, which is why she was chosen to be the official host of The Global Leadership Podcast, one of the most popular leadership podcasts in the world. Now you too can experience her positive energy, inquisitive mind and wisdom as you tune in to The Global Leadership Podcast!

Check out this latest interview with Ashlyn Ochoa and get excited to hear more from her on the podcast! 

What do you love about your role at the Global Leadership Network? 

What I love most about my role is the privilege to work with such a variety of people. I uniquely sit in a position where we get to strategize and vision cast what is possible. Then we get to see those dreams come to life and have real time impact around the world.

I also love getting to see people do their best work. From editors to speakers to lighting directors to project managers—I get to see people thrive in their work and together create something bigger than any one person. And it doesn’t stop there! We then get to take this amazing content into 123+ countries and partner with some of the most brilliant, passionate people in the world who are changing their communities for the better. It’s truly the most mind-blowing honor to be a part of this Kingdom movement!

What are your passions outside of work? 

First and foremost, my family. I love watching my little boy grow and explore. There is nothing better than spending time with my amazing husband watching every Oscar nomination, cooking great food, traveling and going to baseball games. I’m also passionate about investing in the next generation and have a big heart for empowering and mentoring teenage girls. I can’t go without mentioning my joy for photography and trying new workouts.

What about the podcast specifically is exciting to be a part of? 

Podcasting is one of the most exciting mediums of our day. Podcasting allows you to get to know and learn from people in a way you never could learn from a keynote on a stage. It’s like the listener can pull up a chair and join in on a brilliant conversation that has the ability to change the way they think and live—that’s what podcasts have done for me and that’s why I’m so passionate about creating great content that will do the same for others.

What are three fun facts about you? 

I love cats.

I’ve traveled to 17 countries before the age of 26.

I love supporting my husband’s obsession for the Chicago White Sox.


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