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A leadership training experience for 100+ guests in your local community.

Why Become a Premier Host?

Create a Welcoming Experience for your Community to Dive into their Leadership Potential

Our Premier Host Sites across the United States are ready to welcome their local community into their church, organization or virtual event, enhancing the audience’s Summit experience around building relationships.

  • Build into your community of 100+ guests with two days of world-class leadership training
  • Create a friendly, welcoming, distraction-free environment open to the public in your local community (or virtually online)
  • Experience the event with state-of-the-art technology, while reducing the cost of expensive travel
  • Encourage new networking relationships with leaders in your local community
  • Access a team of experts to help you contextualize the Summit around your local vision
  • Gain FREE access to our GLSnext Event Series featuring world-class faculty
Dan Steffen is the pastor at Pure Heart Church.
"I’ve never been a part of a conference that’s stronger than the GLS. This is the best conference I’ve ever been a part of for pure leadership development. Developing a leadership culture is one of the hardest things to do, and the GLS is a catalyst to making that happen at our church. It’s our infusion every year that helps us enter into the brokenness in our community."
Dan Steffen, Pastor, Pure Heart Church

Host a Premier Site