Published May 20, 2020

Introducing The #GLS20 Online Experience


North America

The Global Leadership Summit, happening on Thursday and Friday, August 6-7, 2020, is your opportunity to access a wealth of leadership insights from a world-class faculty who are ready to equip and inspire you—no matter where you have influence, especially during this season of change and uncertainty.

We believe leadership is needed now more than ever and are committed to delivering exceptional leadership insights and inspiration in a brand-new way in 2020!

  • Now a #GLS20 Summit ticket grants you access to the GLS Online experience and to any in-person gathering at one of our 650+ host sites where available.
  • Additionally, the 2020 ticket prices have been reduced and simplified to support you as you lead during this current reality.

Get your tickets by the Super Early Bird Deadline, June 30th, to access today’s lowest rates!

Click this button to register for The Global Leadership Summit 2020.



Why are we adding GLS Online?

In the current global health environment, we know people across the country are going through various phases of reopening and following local health code protocols and guidelines—others may feel uncomfortable attending a large gathering in August, even if their local regions might allow it. But we didn’t want to cancel the event knowing how needed leadership in a time of crisis truly is. So, the team at the Global Leadership Network immediately began working through various contingency plans and delivery models so that we could continue to deliver the leadership insight and inspiration you come to expect at the Summit.

We’re excited to share that the virtual event will be an enhanced online experience. Additionally, our 2020 faculty is on board with us and have expressed how eager they are to share fresh, practical leadership wisdom and encouragement to support you in this difficult season. Learn about the 2020 faculty >>

The new GLS Online Experience allows you to attend the Summit live with other leaders, directly on your preferred device, from anywhere.

Our simplified and reduced pricing plan makes it easy for you to bring others to join you who might otherwise not have the opportunity. Consider this, if you have a team spread out across the country, now you can attend together online! You can also join with friends in a shared virtual environment who would otherwise not be able to attend an event all together.

Don’t get us wrong, we have always preferred our in-person host site gatherings for their hospitable, interactive and relational atmosphere focused on the local community, and are glad that several of our host sites will still be able to host live, in-person events. However, we also recognize there are new opportunities to explore via a virtual platform and are excited about reaching and encouraging people in their leadership in an all new way!

Join us on this new journey!

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Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day infusion of actionable leadership insights and inspiration broadcast to hundreds of host sites across the United States every August. In the following months, the GLS is translated, contextualized and hosted by local leadership committees at hundreds of locations across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. This global event convenes a world-class faculty who share their distinct perspectives and expertise, inspiring and equipping people around the world with practical leadership skills that can be applied within their context, wherever they have influence, and used to empower positive transformation where it’s needed most. Attracting an audience that represents various industries, including marketplace, non-profit, healthcare, education, government, ministry and corrections, the GLS has become a unique platform, unlike any other, bringing people together to not only empower better leadership within the organizations they represent, but in a growing number of cases around the world, this event also acts as a catalyst for organic local movements initiating systemic, city-wide change. What started as a single event back in 1990’s, the GLS has grown to attract tens of thousands of people today.

  1. Rob Burch
    May 27 2020 5PM
    I paid for a ticket for the 2020 conference at Cornerstone University in August of 2019. How do i get my ticket?
    • Rosey Lavine
      May 27 2020 8PM
      Hi Rob, We will have someone on our team reach out to you via email. Otherwise, feel free to connect with our team at any time at Thank you!
  2. Julie Ward
    Aug 21 2020 3PM
    Hello, I purchased a ticket for the 2020 GLS summit, but was not able to view all the speakers. I did also purchase a GLS summit ticket for 2021 which included ‘on demand’. Will I be able to access the 2020 speakers through that? thank you.
    • Rosey Lavine
      Aug 24 2020 1PM
      Hi Julie, Yes you can watch 14 of the 16 2020 speakers on-demand through the on-demand access you received with your purchase of 2021 tickets. If you have any questions on how to access on-demand, please feel free to reach out to our service engagement team at Thanks!

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*Pricing is as low as $149 per attendee for purchases of 2+ tickets and $169 per individual attendee. Regular Pricing is $189 per attendee for purchases of 2+ tickets and $209 per individual attendee. Not valid for South Barrington’s Main Auditorium. All ticket prices are per-person, in USD, for registration to attend at a U.S. site. Guests from other countries please contact your GLN or GLS office. Additional discounts are available for full-time students, faculty, first-responders and members of the military. Additionally, teachers, nurses and other qualified guests may be eligible for continuing education credit. Please call 800-570-9812 to learn more about CE credit.

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If you have any questions on the commenting policy, please let us know at”

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